red-scribble-heartIt’s really difficult to know how to help someone and show them just how much you care. I often spend hours wondering how do something nice, but not embarrassingly too much. It is the same problem with my older daughter. I can buy her endless gorgeous things from Mint Velvet, but whilst I know she appreciates them,  I also thought that having a little bit of GillyMac with her when she is working so hard for exams in Leeds,  will be just like a little bit of home in her bag.

It was a proper #Saturdaynightcraftalong here this evening. My Mum came over and was knitting minatures (sparkly) shrugs for two of the rag dolls the Friday night girls have made and I was making a PC sleeve for Annie (secretly, whilst she was out). We enjoyed watching ‘What We Did On Our Holiday’ (David Tennant & Rosamund Pike – utterly brilliant).  I haven’t done that in ages with Mum. In years gone by she has taught me to knit and I am sure there were times when I was knitting with her and my grandmother.

Anyhow, the lovely evening produced the PC sleeve and most of a Rag Doll shrug.

Annie’s face when she saw the PC sleeve made me sure that it was a good idea. I think in the future … I will try and make more presents for people. I just now need to discover how to make a little more time in the day ! img_7020