Over the past 2 years, the GillyMac Doodle Challenges have moved the confidence and free-motion sewing of the over 400 participants up a gear.

2019 Doodle Sew Up Week 1 “ It taught me a huge amount” 2018 participant

“I now want to follow these designs and sew them up. Drawing them helps to understand how they work. A really brilliant exercise” 2018 participant

“ I loved the variety of the doodles and no pressure to do the sew-ups along with supportive feedback. It was a wonderful experience” 2019 participant

“The Doodle Challenge got me doodling and over the fear of my long arm machine” 2019 participant

In this final year of the challenge, the rhythm of how we doodle will remain unchanged, although the doodles themselves are all new.  So what is the doodle challenge?

  • 25 videos of doodles to learn ‘pen on paper’ released each weekday during the challenge
  • 5 videos of sewing up the doodles into a themed picture released on Saturdays during the challenge.
  • 5 pdf documents to accompany the sew-ups
  • Access to participants only Facebook group open from 1st May to 5th July to encourage and share your doodles
  • Access to the brand new GillyMac Website and all her free video tutorials on the site as they grow into a collection
  • The chance to win prizes each week
  • An exclusive Doodle Challenge Pin posted to you when the challenge ends.

All videos are exclusively available to participants after the challenge is over.2019 Doodle Sew Up Week 3

How I measure the success of the past challenges is that 95% of this year’s doodlers started doodling on the 2018 challenge and keep coming back!!

There is still time to join us by following this link here and sign up for the final ever GillyMac Doodle Challenge

What are you waiting for ??