The Alison Glass Sew Skill Builder Series is designed to allow sewists to sample quilt making techniques with each project. The Meridian Quilt introduces or strengthens a pupil’s ability to sew curves; however, this quilt has offered my weekly classes much more. Through making this quilt we have been able to discuss and try out improv sewing, colour management and quilt design.

Improv Sewing

Improv sewing is difficult to grasp for many of us at the beginning. I know that when I started sewing in this way I was constantly questioning ‘where do I go next’. In this quilt, the improv element can be with the fabric choices made in terms of colour and patterns. This quilt is great for using up scraps and, as each block builds, the sewist can completely change the look of the block by altering the colours and patterns used and well as their frequency of use.

Colour Theory

Colour theory is another confusing subject. A few years ago when designing my logo I started to take a keen interest in the phycology of colour and this led to my interest in colour theory. Many of us know the colours we like and feel comfortable with. However, we are often unsure of how to develop our use of colour from there. This quilt could look like a fruit salad of colours and patterns without a little colour management. To help avoid this, I have devised some simple rules which are useful for any quilt.

Design Challenge

Then finally there is the design challenge this quilt offers. When building the quilt blocks there are pattern pieces for circles and ellipses to choose from. It is possible to design a very ordered, structure quilt by always choosing the same designs for each full circle. For example, to keep everything the same we could choose a circle with a large ellipse in it and a small circle in that. We could keep the colours of every large circle, ellipse and small circle constant across the quilt. A different way to approach this would be to mix up the use of these shapes for each circle or even within each circle. There is loads of scope to develop your own design or standardise how this is put together.

Have a Go!

My next day class to make this quilt is on 12th February 2021. It will be held via Zoom. To accompany this class, I have created a video which covers the piecing options and goes on to cover quilting your Meridian Quilt. This video is included in the price of the class. An original pattern will be sent to you ahead of the class and I will be available to help you choose your fabrics for the project if you wish. I hope to see you in the New Year.