Today I am offering you all a free copy of my Phoenix Quilt Pattern. Previously, this free applique quilt was designed for the regular classes to make week by week during Lockdown. For this reason, the pattern was originally created in weekly instalments and has only now been released in its entirety.

This Applique Quilt Pattern

The Phoenix Quilt design is raw edge applique built around a foundation pieced centre. The centre block is an array of houses around a lake, with swags of balloons in the outer corners. Above and below this block are two streets of houses. As an aside, I designed the top one to represent the street where I live now and the bottom one to be the street in London where my husband lived when we met. To the left and right of the centre block are panels of flowers. In each panel, there is a block with a bias fabric stem and stitched offshoots covered in applique flowers. Additionally, each side has a modern circular abstract flower block and a large layered flower block. To complete the quilt, it is finished with one of my favourites, a border of flying geese blocks.

Fabrics for the Quilt

This is a fabulous quilt for using up your scraps for the applique and foundation pieced parts. The background colour I used was an off white with yellow modern flower panels, In classes, it has been made with both pink and dark blue backgrounds and both looked fantastic. For that reason, I would encourage you to use colours you love and scraps you have to make this quilt.


In the vlog next week, I will be talking you through the quilting patterns I chose for this quilt. Additionally, I will provide you with some alternative quilting options. As the final quilt is a very manageable 53 1/2″ square, it is a great size for you to develop your quilting without wrangling with a larger project.

A Little Something Extra

With all my free patterns I provide you with the basics but expect you to have some knowledge of the techniques involved. On this occasion, to help you with this free applique quilt pattern I have put together a short QuickStart video covering raw edge applique and creating bias stems. Additionally,  click here to access my QuickStart Guide to Foundation Piecing video which will help you with the centre block.

So.. over to YOU. Above all, enjoy it.