I’ve now been running online sewing classes for three years and pre-recorded, video-on-demand courses, for 15 months. As well as this, I have attended classes as a participant. I’ve drawn up this short list of question you should expect from an online sewing teaching experience.

There is a wide variety of classes available, and by selecting those with some critical elements in place, you will find experience great fun and friendly. Even pre-recorded lessons can be social if there is an online group for you to see what others have made from the same class.

Here are the questions. I have noted in red which questions relate to ‘live classes’ (Live) and in green which relate to ‘pre-recorded classes’ (PR).

What is the maximum class size?

Even online, you want the teacher to be able to give you individual attention. My maximum is 8 in a 3-hour evening class and 10 in a day-long workshop. For a Virtual Retreat weekend, with participants dropping in and out during the weekend,  25 is very manageable. (Live)

How will I see what the tutor is demonstrating?

Tutors should have at least two cameras,  one on their cutting board or desk and the other on their sewing machine. I have three, the third of which is for me to talk directly to the class. It is crucial to your learning to see the tutor’s work. (Live, PR)

How do I ask questions?

Asking questions for clarification is part of any learning process. A good tutor will have time for questions set aside and times for informal chats, leading to more in-depth learning. For Pre-recorded classes, you should also be able to message or email the teacher.  (Live, PR)

Are there class notes?

I like to provide class notes and receive them.  They are useful to jog a participant’s memory after the class. Detailed notes are an excellent tool for the participants to reference. (Live, PR)

Will a video of the class be available?

The best scenario is when participants can participate in a live session and then use a video to work over specific areas after the course.  (Live)

How can I share my work with other participants after the class?

It is ideal if there is a Facebook group or something similar so that class members can share their work after the course. (Live, PR)

How long will I have access to the videos?

For on-demand classes (or videos post live classes) my benchmark is to have access to them forever. (Live, PR)

I hope this helps you select the best classes available for you and your quilting groups.  Gill x