Throughout this year, I will be sharing the colour palette for each Season. These will be the seasonal palettes as I see them. I will also be creating a secondary palette using my garden which has been an incredible source of inspiration over the past eighteen months.  I encourage you to try and create your own colour palette. You will gain experience in creating colour stories that will support you as you put together colour groups for your 2022 projects.

The first pallete (above) reflects more traditional Winter Colours. I have strayed a little from the best-known Winter palettes that classically include white and black. I have softened the white into a snow colour and the black into a slate grey. For my palette, The middle colours remind me of stately homes. Winter colours should reflect feelings of luxury, history, depth and tradition. Of course, the above palette is a more traditional take on Winter Colours. You could make up your own. Imagine the images that make you think of winter. Search for winter images if you are struggling to visualise them. Narrow down the pictures to five or less, and select five colours. Canva is a great free tool to do this if you want to have a go.

My garden inspires my alternative palette. As I look outside now, there is currently the brightest winter light sky, and it’s been raining for most of the day, so the ground is wet and full winter sleepy activity.

I’d love to see your take on Winter Colours. There is no right or wrong colour pallet, we all see different things. Post your palettes on my Facebook page or tag me using #gillymacdesigns on Instagram. Alternatively, drop me an email at