I have run several weekly adult and teen sewing groups for some years. Fortunately, the groups switched seamlessly to online during 2020 and the first part of 2021. Over time, each group has taken on its vibe. So much so that I can tell what a group will enjoy working on and what they won’t. Not all groups like all the projects, so I produce a small array of possible projects each term.

My weekly classes are the highlight of my week. From the experience of working with these fantastic people, I have distilled the key reasons that sewing in a group is a fabulous pastime.

  • FRIENDSHIP: A sewing group is rarely built from groups best friends. A sewing group became friends based on their shared love of sewing. The wonderful thing about a sewing group is there is always something to talk about. There is no need to talk about your own life as we can all talk about sewing for hours on end.


  • LEVELER: In a group, you will find that sometimes you are good at something or work quickly, and other times someone else will be the quick one. You will learn soon that nobody is ever good or bad at everything – we all have our strengths and weaknesses.


  • COMARADERY: Every group member is keen to see what each member has done and how they have put their twist on a design. Be prepared for spontaneous applause, however small your achievement is


  • GENTLY STRETCHING: In a group, you will be encouraged to take on projects that you may not have tried on your own.


  • LAUGHTER: Every single group I run all laugh together at some point during the class. It is never planned; it just happens.


  • EXCITEMENT – We are always planning what will be next on our sewing agenda. We look to the future and discuss whether new fabric needs to be purchased.


Finally, just a thought on sewing in an online group. Does it work? Yes, it can – here are a couple of quotes from my Online Tuesday Sewing Group. We have never all met together in person and live all over the UK; however, it is one of the most vibrant and fun groups I have had the pleasure of sewing with.

“Thank you for a year of fun, laughter, chat and lots of sewing inspiration.” Online Group Member Dec 21

“I’m so pleased that you invited me to be part of the Tuesday team, and spend quality time with such a wonderful group of women” Online Group Member Dec 21

“Thank you for providing an anchor in this last year with all its ups and downs. I have learned so much …” Online Group Member Dec 21

“I love our Tuesday classes and it gives my week purpose. You have brought together a lovely friendly group of stitchers. Thank you so much for your inspiration” Online Group Member Dec 21

I hope you already sew with a group, but if not, drop me an email (mail@gillymacdesigns.com) to see what is available.

Ps. Rory is not so keen on ‘company’ – here he is with my daughter’s kitten who wants to be his friend 😊