Let’s make the quilt. All seams we are about the sew are ¼”. If you didn’t collect the requirements in last week’s post, you could find them here.

  1. Make twelve blocks using the method in the video here.

  1. Join the blocks in four rows of three blocks. Pay particular attention to matching the point below when joining the blocks into a row. Press the seams with a hot iron when all four rows are complete. To nest the seams as the rows are joined, press the seams between blocks to the left for rows 1 and 3 and to the right for rows 2 and 4. Pay attention to the same points on the block when joining the rows together.


  1. Using the five 1 ½” strips of corner tip fabric, cut one in half to make two strips half as long. Join one of these shorter strips to an uncut strip along a short side. Repeat this process with the other shorter strip and another uncut one. You now have two original strips and two strips that are much longer.


  1. Sew the longer strips to the sides of the quilt block panel created. Press them out and trim. Now sew the original length strips to the top and bottom, press and trim.


  1. Using background strips and the same method as Steps 3 and 4, add the background strips to the quilt top to create the final border.

Next Wednesday, I will share three quilting options for this quilt. I would love to see what you make. Please email any pictures to me at mail@gillymacdesigns.com . Gill