Adult Classes

Term-time Weekly Group Lessons

Each week there are a number of regular classes for adults. They are on
  • Thursday Morning (10am-1pm),
  • Thursday Evening (7pm-10pm)
  • Friday Mornings (10am-1pm)
These classes have become wonderful Modern Sewing Bee communities. The classes decide if they would like to follow a GillyMac Project or if they would prefer to bring their own projects to work on.  In the past, the classes have worked on quilts, bags, tuffets, clothing, cushions, and wall hangings. Every class is accompanied by lots of tea, coffee, and homemade cakes. The cost of the class is £15 paid 1/2 termly in advance. All of the classes are full at this time, but there is a waiting list being managed for the classes and spare spots. If you are interested in being made aware of spaces for these classes as they come up, please drop me an email on _____________________________________________________________________________

Workshops or Short Series Classes

Sewing Machine Basics – Evening Class

Come for a relaxed evening learning all about your machine and all of the many things you can do with it.  This packed evening will cover the function of the different parts of your machine, what the sewing machine feet are for, how to thread your machine properly, which threads are best to buy, what your machine stitches are for, how and when stitch length and width should be changed and how understand tension in simple terms. During the evening we will discuss how to sew accurate seams and how to master blind hemming. We learn how to create buttonholes and will finish off by making a simple pouch for you to take home and inserting a zip into it. The class is accompanyed by full notes which you can take away. ….And if there is time, we will talk about some useful websites and shops (for the best deals around)

Evening Class –  Monday 13th May  7pm-10pm – Price £40 (inc. all materials)

Evening Class –  Monday 9th September  7pm-10pm – Price £40 (inc. all materials)

Get To Know Your Overlocker – Evening Class (over two evenings), 

Overlockers look extremely tricky beasts, but this two evening class will demystify your overlocker and get you using it in your everyday sewing. The class will cover:-
  • The parts of the overlocker and what it’s function and stitch is
  • Threading and rethreading the overlocker
  • Working with stitch length
  • Understanding differential feed
  • Sewing corners and curved edges
  • Creating rolled hems
  • Making two projects completely with your overlocker
I have two overlockers and so if you don’t have an overlocker and would like to use mine to see if you like them, then that is possible – just let me know at the time of booking.

Evening Class – Mondays 10th & 17th June 7pm-10pm £65

Free Motion Applique – Evening Class

Taking simple designs and scraps of fabric this class will teach you how to create wonderful decorative pieces using a very free and simple technique. Using a selection of my own templates, we will use marking tools to transfer the designs to the fabric and you will learn how to use your sewing machine in a more versatile manner to create bespoke small panels that could be made into bunting, bags, pouches, small quilts and many items of homeware.  You will have the use of my oodles of scraps a well as wadding and other stabilisers for you to try out this fun technique.

Monday 1st April   – 7pm-10pm – Price £45 (inc. all materials to create three applique panels) – focusing on Easter Designs

Wednesday 17th July   – 7pm-10pm – Price £45 (inc. all materials to create three applique panels) – focusing on Summer Travel Designs

Saturday 3rd August  – I will be teaching this class at NEC for the Festival of Quilts – bookings via the FOQ website. 

Patchwork for Beginners (or those just started) – Series of Four-Evening Classes

In this class, we will focus on both the basics of patchwork and also applique. This simple quilt can be made in any size. If you want to make a baby quilt, a table runner, a cushion or a throw for the sofa, we can do it with this pattern. During the four weeks, you will learn many of the fundamentals of patchwork
  • How to cut fabric successfully every time using a rotary cutter,
  • How to sew a consistent 1/4″ seam
  • How to create a primary fix for your applique pieces
  • How to sew your applique pieces and choose the right stitches to use
  • How to frame your piece (and what fabric value is)
  • How to set your machine up for quilting
  • The difference between a walking foot and free motion quilting
  • How to create your own bias binding
All classes come with cakes and laughter … Have a go .. once you have learned the basics you won’t look back. If this is your first patchwork class then you will be given a fabulous 150+page book to support your continued learning.

Wednesdays 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd May –  7pm-10pm £135 (inc. applique interfacing, pattern and 12 hours of tuition)

2019 Easter Bag Making Weekend

This Spring I have decided to make another Swoon Bag with you and this time it will be the gorgeous Celine we will be making. The Celine has a handbag look with tote bag functionality, this is the perfect everyday bag. The top zipper keeps your belongings secure, and the closure straps provide a little additional security while giving this bag its unique shape. The bag is 11″ tall, 14″ wide and 6″ deep.  We will also customise it with an interior zip and/or mesh pocket to suit your needs.  This class will have a maximum of six places and I hope will be held on a gloriously sunny April weekend. There will be a small Easter goody bag for each attendee 🙂

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April from 10am-4pm each day £125 (inc. original pattern, interfacing, stabilizer, foam, mesh and lots of cake) 3 places left

Metro Rings Quilt by Sew Kind of Wonderful

You can make this scrap or jelly-roll-friendly quilt as either a lap/baby quilt 33″x44″  or a single sized quilt 57″x76″. You will use either the Sew Kind of Wonderful Quick Curve Ruler or the Mini Quick Curve Ruler to create this smashing quilt. Cutting out is made very easy using the guide slot in the ruler to cut out the pieces. If you have never pieced curves – don’t be concerned, as this is easy and there is no need for excessive pinning, a few tips and you will have it nailed. I have no doubt you will love piecing this quilt – and for afterwards, I will also give you my own quilting plans for you to use should you wish to. Drop in classes will be available for finishing off support if you need it. Rulers will be available to borrow after the class to complete the cutting out if needed.

Wednesday 1st May 10am-3.30pm – £68 (inc. Sew Kind of Wonderful Pattern worth £8) – 2 places left

Cathedral Cushion Evening Class – Evening Class

This fabulous cushion is made over two evenings. It looks much more complicated than it is and with some clear tuition, you will love how quickly this cushion comes together. In the picture, I have multicoloured windows, and a white background and window edges, but you could easily have a dark background and even multicolored window edges !! You will leave the class with full cushion making instruction and have the opportunity to make piping and prepare your cushion back with a zip.

Evening Class – Mondays 4th & 11th March  – £65

Doodle Quilting – Day Class

Doodle Quilting is a two-stage process. First I’ll teach you how to feel confident doodling with pen and paper and then I will show you how to implement these doodles on your sewing machine. This may be your first time at Free Motion Quilting or it may have been something you have already tried, however, I guarantee by using this method we will break down some designs into easier component pieces and get you free motion doodling quickly. In the class, you will have access to 30 different doodles that you can take away with you and practice

Day Class – Wednesday 12th June – 10am-3.30pm – £60

Day Class – Wednesday 18th September – 10am-3.30pm – £60

Saturday 3rd August  – I will be teaching this class at NEC for the Festival of Quilts – bookings via the FOQ website. 

Introduction to Ruler Quilting  – Day Class

Ruler quilting on a domestic machine turns quilting on its head. Now you can divide up the space to be quilted using sewn ruled lines without the need to turn bulky quilts through the throat of your machine as you would with a walking foot.  In this class you make a cushion front while you learn;
  • how to set up your machine ready for ruler quilting and protect it from damage
  • how to hold the ruler and move the quilt and ruler together whilst sewing
  • learn simple designs using each ruler which you can implement on own quilts
  • how to apply these designs to real patchwork spaces and borders that aren’t going to fit a complete number of repeats of patterns.
  • how to manage corners with the linear design tips on the best rulers to buy
To facilitate this class, I have 4 domestic machines and one sit down long arm machine set up for ruler quilting, each with a complete set Angela Walters of rulers. Should you wish to use your own machine, I can help you ahead of time purchase a foot to use on the day. Recommendation: It is very useful to also take the Quilt-As-You-Go Class to learn how to combine your beautifully ruler quilted small pieces into a much larger quilt.

Day Class – Wednesday 8th May 10am-3.30pm – £60 – 1 place left

Day Class – Wednesday 1st July 10am-3.30pm – £60

Maximum of 5 pupils per classes

Progress Your Ruler Quilting  – Day Classes

Continue your journey with ruler quilting by learning how to design and quilt your own mini wholecloth quilt.  This class will use both the Angela Walters rulers and a set of Handi Quilter rulers as well as marking stencils and chalk as tools to assist you in the next stage of ruler quilting education.  By the end of the day you will;
  • Understand the basics of creating designs within any space
  • Become comfortable using various marking tools to create a framework for your designs.
  • Learn how to divide ‘blank space’ on a quilt and apply ruler designs and free motion quilting to this space
  • applying these designs to difficult spaces and borders of any size
  • practising easy fillers for within your ruler work – if you have already completed my doodle quilting class, this is a perfect time for you to practise the doodles!
Any of the pieces you create on the day can be joined to make a small lap quilt or used individually as cushion covers. As with the ‘Introduction Class’,  I have 4 domestic machines and one sit down long arm machine set up for ruler quilting, each with a complete set Angela Walters of rulers. Should you wish to use your own machine, I can help you ahead of time purchase a ruler foot to use on the day. Recommendation: It is very useful to also take the Quilt-As-You-Go Class to learn how to combine your beautifully ruler quilted small pieces into a much larger quilt.

Wednesday 24th July  – 10am-3.30pm £60

Maximum of 5 pupils per day or set of evening classes

Quilt-As-You-Go – Day Class

Quilt-As-You-Go is an ideal way to quilt smaller pieces and join them AFTER the quilting is done. Many modern machines have a small ‘throat’ and so manipulating larger projects through this space can be troublesome. In this class, we will make up a number of fun wonky log cabin and geese blocks by preparing them with wadding and backing already incorporated. In this way,  once we have pieced them, they are already quilted and ready to join together. We will then investigate and practise three different methods of joining the quilted pieces together.  We will finish by looking at techniques for reducing bulk and adding borders and binding.

Wednesday, July 10th – 10am-3.30pm £60

Create Applique T-Shirts for Everyday – Evening Class

I love teaching this class as the possibilities are endless when students are shown how to create bespoke items from basic garments. Adding applique to T-shirts is a versatile and cost-effective way to make bespoke clothes for children (or adults) or to make personalised gifts. This class comes with full teaching notes along with an alphabet to use and access to many different template drawings. Wednesday 24th April 7pm-10pm £40

Firebird Quilt – Day Class

This much-loved GillyMac original quilt in our house and stays happily in my daughter’s arms even on sleepovers. The design simply uses 1/2 square triangles – a technique you will be taught on the day if you are not familiar with it. Unlike similar patterns on the market, this one is designed to get the maximum colour punch with a minimum amount of fabric waste. This quilt can be resized, by making the base squares small or using only part of the design if a small quilt is desired. I’d be happy to help you with this adjustment.

Wednesday 27th March – 10am-3.30pm £60 2 places left

Aneela Hoey – 3-in-1 Pouch – Day Class

This is a fabulous make that is very achievable in a single day/evening by all skill levels. I love Aneela’s patterns as they are ALWAYS successful and make me look much cleverer than I really am 🙂 For this class I will supply the interfacing and cakes, you supply the fabric and good cheer and together will make an AWESOME 3-in-1 Pouch.

Evening  Class (note earlier star) –  Tuesday 28th May – 6.30pm-10pm (inc. pattern & intefacing) – £50

Day Class –  Wednesday 4th September – 10am-1.30pm (inc.pattern & intefacing) – £50

Aneela Hoey Booklet Pouch – Day Class

We have now made a number of these pouches in class and they are excellent. There are two sizes, each of which has 4 pockets inside which are create with vinyl so that the contents are visible. These are really handy pouches to use yourself, for sewing supplies, make up or maybe first aid (:-0) and they make perfect gifts. The size of the small version is 6″ x 8″ x 3″and the large version is  9″ x 11″ x 3″

Day Class  – Wednesday 16th October – £60 (inc. pattern, interfacing & lining)

Aneela Hoey – Outside Inside Pouch – Day Class

I make these pouches as gifts because I can pop some treats in the outside vinyl pockets and special gift in the inside – which is a lovely surprise when the pouch is opened up completely. This pouch as one main internal pocket and two outer see-through vinyl side pockets. It is another fabulous and versatile pouch by Aneela

Day Class –  Wednesday 3rd April – 10am-3.30pm (inc. pattern & interfacing) – £60

Day Class –  Wednesday 9th October – 10am-3.30pm (inc. pattern & interfacing) – £60

Make a Sewing Machine or Overlocker Cover – Day Class

Bring along your sewing machine or overlocker and I will teach you how to make a bespoke cover for it. Dust in your machine can disturb the easy running of the thread and mechanisms. The plastic cases or covers that are supplied by the manufacturer are not very attractive so why not come along and create something special for your own machine.

Day Class Wednesday 15th May – 10am -3.30pm – £60 1 place left

 GillyMac Magic Squares – Day Class

This original GillyMac pattern will look amazing with whichever pallet you choose. Why not change out some of the plain fabric for patterned fabric to create a very different look. This quilt comes together quickly and each pattern comes with a bonus quilting plan. There are no scary Y seams and you will have people guess as to how you made it! The quilt comes in lap/baby, single and twin sizes. This quilt is not difficult and is beginner friendly.

Wednesday 26th June, 10am-3.30pm £55 (full)

Wednesday 25th September 10am-3.30pm – £55

Zipped and Piped Cushions for Everyone – Evening Class

Good quality cushions can be really expensive to buy but are super easy to make. In this class you will come with fabric and a cushion pad and walk out with a wonderful cushion – with a zip and piping . Creating your own piping makes for a really professional look and once you know how to make it, you will be able to make piping for any project and turn that item from having home-make look into having a professional finish. This class is suitable for beginners.

Monday 23rd September  – 7pm-10pm – £40 (inc. piping cord)

Boxed Cushions for Everyone – Evening Class

Come and make a Boxed Cushion – maybe for the blanket box you have been meaning to sort out for ages, or the garden seats or maybe the boot of the car for the dog! Whatever the case, a small boxed cushion can be made in an evening and once you understand my method you will be able to go on and create a set or scale it up for the garden bench!

Wednesday 17th April  7pm -10pm – £40 (inc. piping cord) full

Wednesday 3rd July  7pm -10pm – £40 (inc. piping cord)

Dressmaking  – Series of  Four Evening Classes 

Join me for four weeks of dressmaking. Bring along a dressmaking pattern for yourself or someone else. If you have sewing before but just want to sew with company and someone to help with the tricky bits, then this is perfect for you. If you are a complete novice, we will cover how to read the pattern sleeve and pattern itself, as well as learning about material weave and how it impacts the garment construction and fit. During the sessions we will cover cutting out the pattern, pinning, cutting and transferring markings. As you make up the garment we will learn about seam allowance, machine operation, and useful feet. Depending on the patterns you bring we can also talk through inserting zips, setting in sleeves, sewing dart etc. Finally, we will finish the garments with hems, and fastenings. This informative class will set you up for many hours of dressmaking! You will also receive my full teaching notes which will help you through many years of sewing.

Spring Dressmaking  – 7pm-10pm on Wednesdays 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th March  £110 (inc. Swedish Tracing Paper as needed) (four places remaining) full 

Summer Dressmaking  – 7pm-10pm on Wednesdays 29th May, 5th, 12th & 19th June  £110 (inc. Swedish Tracing Paper as needed) full

Back to School Dressmaking  – 7pm-10pm on Wednesdays 18th, 25th Sept, 2nd & 9th October  £110 (inc. Swedish Tracing Paper as needed) 4 places left

Christmas Dressmaking  – 7pm-10pm on Tuesdays 24th, 31st November, 7th & 14th December  £110 (inc. Swedish Tracing Paper as needed) 4 places left

**NOTE: Dressmaking classes are limited to 5 people per course**