Summer 2019 VR Original Twist Kit


This kit contains 12 shades of Dashwood Twist  in Pink, Aqua, Grey and Almond to make up the Magic Cubes Quilt top for the Summer 2019 Virtual Retreat



The Original Twist Kit Contains 

Colour 1 (cream above)

Gold Metallic  – 0.6m

Almond – 1.2m

Toast – 0.5m

Colour 2 (green above)

Capri – 0.3m

Viridian – 0.3m

Teal – 0.5m

Colour 3 (red above)

Rose – 0.3m

Sorbet – 0.3m

Cherry – 0.5m

Colour 4 (black above)

Smoke – 0.6m

Pewter – 1.5m

Charcol – 0.5m

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