2020/19/18 Doodle Challenge (Complete) Video Set


This video series provides Gill’s 2020 5 weeks of brand-new doodles (30 in all) available immediately.  You are encouraged to doodle each one pen on paper and after each set of 5 videos, there is one showing how you can sew those five doodles into a picture. By purchasing the Doodle Challenge video set (>7hrs of tuition) you will get

  • 5 pdf documents to accompany the sew-ups
  • Access to the brand new GillyMac Website and your own login to access your videos.
  • All the free video tutorials on the site as they grow into a collection
  • All videos are available long term in your video feed on the GillyMac website
  • Access to the GillyMac 2020 Doodle Page during 2020
  • All video for 2018 and 2019 (coming in July/August 2020 this year into your video feed)
  • An ebook of all 80 doodles (2018/2019/2020 doodles) released in August