Doodle Quilting Real Quilts – Zoom Class – Saturday 5th September 10am-3.30pm


Doodle Quilting Real Quilts – Zoom Day Class with associated Video Tutorial & eBook – Saturday 5th September 10am-4pm

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This class covers how to break down the quilting of any quilt into manageable sections and go on to quilt it with your chosen doodles. In the class you will learn how to ;

  • Recognise shapes in quilts which can be doodled within
  • Create shapes in quilts which can be doodled within
  • Learn how to pick the right doodles for the right space

Out of over 50 doodles, you will have access to, Gill show you which ones apply to any quilting opportunity and how, by learning a subset of doodles, any quilt can be quilted in this way.

You will practise and learn your chosen subset, working on the shape of each doodle and how to develop it with large and small variations and additional elements.

This class includes an ebook of >50 doodles and long-term access to a video tutorial covering the key elements of the class and tips for quilting doodles.