Six Week Beginners Online Dressmaking Course

Beginner online garment-making course. Full details below ⬇️



In this online course, I share the most valuable elements of garment making for the beginner.

Here is the line-up

Week 1 Understanding the pattern sleeve, measuring yourself and selecting the correct size.

Week 2Choosing the suitable fabric, how to buy fabric online and what else you will need as well as fabric

Week 3 –  Tracing out the pattern, grainlines, bias cuts

Week 4 –  Making basic length and size adjustments

Week 5 –  Understanding the instructions and mastering new terms

Week 6 –  Sewing and Finishing Perfect Seams, Creating Darts, Stay Stitching and Under-Stitching

By the end of the class, you will be able to attempt any simple garment, identify the fabric and size to make and produce a well made, professionally finished item.

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