Summertime Table Runner and Placemat Pattern & Video Bundle

This is a great project to create for any summer table inside or out. The pattern and video bundle include all instructions and templates to make the runner and placemats.



The Summertime Table Runner and Placemats use a log cabin base block with modern applique flowers applied on top. The use of curved piecing between the green and base colours is easy to create and adds much interest. Additionally, the curved edges will create a unique outline for the runner.

This video class with full accompanying notes will take you from uncut fabric to finished, quilted and bound Summertime masterpieces. Within the pattern and video bundle, you can choose to make the log cabin base blocks with Gill’s improv method or use a ruler or a foundation piecing technique. Gill demonstrates all these options. The pattern contains all the templates needed for the runner and table mats. These templates will prove helpful in many projects to come.

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