Sewing Made
Simple Online

With such a lot of sewing content available, it can be hard to know where to start. Well, this is where you can do just that.

GillyMac Designs

Where to Start

Sewing Made Simple Online is a series of simple steps to get you sewing happily on your own with guided tuition. It involves a mixture of blogs, online pre-recorded classes and live Zoom courses. 

It is possible to go through the Sewing Made Simple Online steps at your own pace, by accessing each element below. All the blogs can be found at the bottom of this page or via the Blog Page. Purchased classes come with access to the Members Area of this website, where you can find the bought classes along with a series of additional free tutorial videos. Classes via Zoom augment the online tuition and finally, small In-person class build confidence and community whilst learning new skills.

Sewing progress can be shared and questions answered in the GillyMac Club on Facebook, available to all who are interested in sewing. Furthermore every other month Gill provides a free live class via Zoom. This free class is available to all current subscribers to the GillyMac Newsletter. You can join the Newsletter list by clicking here.  


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