T’s and C’s

How to register for classes

You can sign up for classes on our website by emailing mail@gillymacdesigns.com or by calling us at 07818 551232. We require full payment at the time of booking in order to reserve your spot.

Class materials

The materials and tools needed for each class vary, so please refer to the course description. Once you register, you’ll receive a list of the supplies you’ll need to bring. If you wish to purchase some basic supplies from Gillymac Designs, just let us know at least 14 days ahead of the class. If you have any questions about what you’ll need to bring, please contact us.

Cancellation policy

We keep class sizes small so everyone gets all the attention they need. For that reason, we are unable to offer refunds or transfers on classes under any circumstances. You could consider taking out a policy to cover emergency cancellations, you can buy these from a number of suppliers, such as  http://www.cancelsure-insurance.co.uk/ .

GillyMac Designs requires full enrolment to go forward with a class. If GillyMac Designs must cancel a class for any reason you will be offered a full refund or we will offer you a place in the class the next time it is scheduled. If this happens, we’ll try to work with you to choose new class dates that fit your schedule.

Weekly/Regular Classes

GillyMac Designs run a number of weekly classes for adults, children and teens. Dates for the classes are given 1/2 termly* in advance.

For adult classes, it is possible to opt out of 1 class per 1/2 term* and not pay for them, as long as these dates are identified and agreed to prior to the 1/2 term commencing, allowing time for the free slots to be sold to other pupils.  Once the 1/2 term has started, no changes or transfers can be made. Payment for classes is required in full prior to the 1/2 term* classes commencing.

For children/teen classes, it is not possible to resell free slots due to the nature of these classes and payment for classes and materials is required for all classes in full prior to the 1/2 term commencing.

Late policy

Classes start promptly. We cannot hold the class back if you are running late and we may not be able to go over what you have missed if you arrive late. There is a lot to get through in our classes and it isn’t fair on other paying students if we have to stop and go back to explain things to late students.

Storage of Class Items

Gillymac Designs are happy to store ongoing work for up to one month. After this, storage at £10/month is payable. After three years the items will be finished (at a cost of £45/hr, billable to the items’s owner), and donated to charity. GillyMac accepts no liability for property stored on site. Communication and collection of items is solely the responsibility of the item’s owner. 


*Liability. Our liability is only for the cost of the class. If the class is cancelled students are liable for any costs incurred including materials purchased in advance, travel or accommodation. We are not liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur whilst you are in the class and on our property.

*Pricing: we reserve the right to alter our pricing at any time and the prices are current at the time of booking.

*You are strictly prohibited to use any of the class sheets, designs, photography or materials from our classes for your own classes or business

*By viewing our website or booking a class you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.