Rosie – Spring 2021 Virtual Retreat

A fun-filled weekend! It was so nice to sew along with others and chat. Also lovely that everyone was going at their own pace. Gill’s videos were very good, as was her support throughout the weekend. The Bingo is always a great laugh. Rosie

Mrs J. M Marsh Testimonial

Gills a awesome teacher. I’ve been blessed to be on a residential three day retreat and just finished a virtual 2 1/2 day retreat. What I know about Gill is she really meet you at your ability she doesn’t make you feel silly if the others are advanced she is such an...

Summer 2019 Retreat Participant Testimonial

Valuable experience for anyone who finds travelling a barrier when getting to a venue. Being able to go back and view a video session again makes it easier to catch up. This also means that you don’t have to make copious notes. Everyone was so encouraging, especial...

L Testimonial

The Retreat has been great fun and given me the confidence to try something completely different, it’s been lovely to be part of a fab team without having to leave home. Can’t wait for the next one!

Elaine C Testimonial

The virtual retreat was a fabulous weekend idea, masterminded and managed expertly by Gill. From the arrival of our Goodie Box, through the cutting out, Smarties Challenge, reverse sewing, fabulous fabrics, cats & dog, great encouragement, getting A & B mixed...

Tracey F Testimonial

Such a fabulous idea – I really enjoyed working on a project with other people from all around the country……can’t wait for the next one.