GillyMac Doodle Challenge – Sewing Up Week 4

Well done team !!! We are at Week 4 with two more to do. This week’s borders seemed to be welcomed as easier across the board – with a lot of love for the loops on Monday and my ‘lie-detector’ (too much ‘Homeland’) on Thursday.  The sewing up this week reflects that these are border patters, or at least can be used in a linear fashion. I really like quilting borders. I think it means I am closer to the ‘Ta Dah’ moment of quilt completion … and also, typically, quilting the borders is easier because they are more accessible.

So this week I have sewn up the doodles in rows, as I see you using them. Below you will find two videos and a downloadable document.

  • The first one is the video you are now used to with me sewing up our doodles. You can choose how large each of your border rows will be. I started in the middle with the stars row and found something to draw around (baked beans tins are very useful) and then worked my row sizes out from there.
  • The next video is information to help you plan for doodling and sewing up corners.
  • Then there is a downloadable PDF document which goes with this second video to help you plan your corners.


Next week we’re moving back to ‘all over’ doodle patterns which culminate in a picture to sew which is great fun. Then in Week 6, I will teach you how to doodle ‘bump-back ‘feathers and I know you will all love the sew up for that final week.

Talk to you all tomorrow when I will be doing this weeks prize draw 🙂


GillyMac Doodle Challenge -Sewing Up Week 3

You’ve made it … Week 3. This was a tough week – so much happening for us all and you still have kept up with the doodle challenge – brilliant work everyone !! The stars and the 1/2 moons were probably the most stretching this week, the pebbles and the leaf shape (let’s call it cheese plant design) will both be useful exercises to strengthen your hand-eye coordination and your concentration and the bubbles (Monday) are a very useful addition to your kit bag.   In week five I will show you how to develop the star to fill different shapes – any shape 🙂

On our facebook page I have posted some close-ups of the best quits at the Festival of Quilt, and guess what, they are very often quilted using the doodles we have learnt (or are about to learn).  I am focusing on you doodling at the moment because this is the foundation for everything you will go on to tackle with the sewing machine.  You wouldn’t constantly sight read a piece of music to an audience- you would learn it first before you played it to someone… and ‘learning it’ in this instance is doodling and learning the doodles well before we commit them to the fabric.

You now have 15 doodles that could become quilting filler patterns. Next week I want to show you my favourite go-to border doodles and at the end of the week, I also tackle some fundamentals about managing corners in borders. I think you will find these easier after the training you’ve undertaken this past 3 weeks. At the end of next week, we will have the finish line in sight with a week of new fillers followed by a week of feathers to finish with.

Before that, you may want to turn your Week 3 doodles into a sewn piece … so here is the Week3 video – this is great fun to sew up.

I remain amazed at how this has taken off and I have truly loved meeting some more of you this week. Thank you for making this such a wonderful challenge.